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Reasons why home designers and builders choose timber framing

Timber framing must be top of your list when it comes to materials that you can use for door framing and here are some reasons why…

1. It has stood the test of time

In Australian homes lightweight timber framing is a very popular choice. For many years now it has been tried and tested in a variety of settings and has proven to be the material of choice. It’s safe, reliable, cost-effective and well understood by builders and home designers alike.

2. It is fire predictable

When you protect your home’s timber framing with cladding it strengthens the wood and makes it char at a predictable rate. The idea is to have brick on the outside and plaster the interior for that extra support. In these unpredictable times you can rest assured that timber framing has you covered.

a. It is durable and termite resistant

If you live in an area where termites are a problem you will understand how important it is to use a material that is termite resistant. Termites can eat through door framing, flooring, joining and plasterboard if given the chance. At NSW Timber we only sell high quality timber that is treated and is termite resistant.

3. It is strong and stable

The good thing about choosing timber for your door framing is that it’s well understood. We now know all it’s properties that make it a top choice in door framing. Timber does not expand during excessive heat or contract when temperatures drop. This saves you from getting premature cracking in plaster linings.

4. It has low cost flexibility

These days timber framing systems come premade. This makes installation easier as the door frames would have been made to specifications. However, unlike other materials if you need to make last minute changes to timber door frames it’s easy to do so without much of a hassle. The same can’t be said for steel or metal door frames.

5. It is fast to assemble

Still on the topic of ease of use in building, timber framing is fast to assemble. Many builders are very well acquainted with timber framing and will do an awesome job installing it in your home. If you are looking to have a quick home build call us at NSW Timber and Hardware Supplies Sydney and we will provide you with the best quality timber.

6. It is a good insulator

Timber framing has a higher R value than many other materials. This helps to insulate your home. It acts as a thermal bridge that will not allow heat in or out of your home. this means that the ambient indoor temperature will always be relatively stable.
So, what are you waiting for, call us at NSW Timber and we will provide you with top quality Timber.